College Football Rules Timeline

I'm currently teaching a Contemporary Issues Seminar, a 400-level course open to students from all majors that encourages creative thinking, with the title "What's So American About American Football?" We opened the course with a look at the early rules changes that proved to be foundational to the sport and talked about how the evolution of the rules reveals a certain Americanness, including a propensity towards rules. Lots and lots of rules.

Students are also required to use digital software/apps to make two presentations in the class. The first week of classes, I wanted to provide the class an example of what their first presentation, which requires students to create a group presentation in order to teach the rest of the class how to use their chosen tool, what the tool does well, and what the tool does not do well. I created a simple timeline, embedded below, documenting some of the more significant rules changes in the game as well as a few additional timeline points for context. I used Timeline JS. Most of the information comes from Michael Oriard's Reading Football.

"Feed" Glossary

In the Fall of 2014, my First-Year Seminar class read, among other texts, MT Anderson's Feed. As a means of facilitating class discussion and helping students forge a connection between their work in the classroom and those residing outside the classroom, we compiled a glossary of slang and neologisms used in the novel's future world. It is by no means comprehensive, but we (my students and I) hope it might prove useful to those who read the novel in the future.