College Football Rules Timeline

I'm currently teaching a Contemporary Issues Seminar, a 400-level course open to students from all majors that encourages creative thinking, with the title "What's So American About American Football?" We opened the course with a look at the early rules changes that proved to be foundational to the sport and talked about how the evolution of the rules reveals a certain Americanness, including a propensity towards rules. Lots and lots of rules.

Students are also required to use digital software/apps to make two presentations in the class. The first week of classes, I wanted to provide the class an example of what their first presentation, which requires students to create a group presentation in order to teach the rest of the class how to use their chosen tool, what the tool does well, and what the tool does not do well. I created a simple timeline, embedded below, documenting some of the more significant rules changes in the game as well as a few additional timeline points for context. I used Timeline JS. Most of the information comes from Michael Oriard's Reading Football.