My job at Southwest Minnesota State University includes supervising and mentoring high school teachers teaching freshman composition and literature courses on their campus through College Now. This program allows advanced high school students to earn college credits without leaving their high school campus and also gives qualified high school teachers the opportunity to teach college-level work.

My duties in this arena are multi-faceted. As supervisor, I make sure the intellectual rigor and amount of work is consistent with courses taught on campus and collect information that allows me to document the great work College Now teachers do. I fulfill this responsibility by making sure assignment descriptions and syllabi reflect those on campus. Additionally, I consult with those teachers on students' essays in order to norm the grading process.

As mentor, my job is to make sure College Now teachers have the resources and skills necessary to carry out their duties. This includes helping teachers with their research needs by connecting them with on-campus librarians or personally providing texts that help them reach their teaching goals. For example, I've started a collaborative database on Google Drive in order to give those teaching literature ideas for texts they can include in their course and/or ways to organize their course schedule.

College Now students tend to come away from their English courses with advanced skills in critical reading and writing useful to them in their college studies, regardless of their field, and their life outside of school, regardless of their interests.