ENG 100, Introduction to Academic Writing, Fall 2013 (SMSU)

Overall Effectiveness: 4.64/5

Sample Student Evaluation: "Best professor I have ever taken a course with."

ENG 251, Writing in Professions, Fall 2013 (SMSU)

Overall Effectiveness: 4.62/5

Sample Student Evaluation: "Professor Doise has a great concern for his students, and he does not let them slip through the cracks."

AML 3041, American Literatures II: Ends of Worlds (UF)

Overall Effectiveness: 4.67/5

Sample Student Comment: "His enthusiasm and knowledge for literature [contributed to the success of the course]. He facilitated and sparked great/insightful class discussions. I loved it, and the assigned reading was very interesting."

Faculty Evaluation by John Leavey: "His amazing comfort in front of the class encouraged one of the most sophisticated discussions by undergraduate students that I have witnessed in my career. The students were truly engaged in looking at a variety of topics for the day, whether names, misnomers, organic shrapnel, or the fugue structure of this text, or Lianne’s role as mediator structuring memories in an Alzheimer’s group. The thoughtful discussion was specific, nimble, and interested. Students recalled events, theories, and theorists, as well as passages as they worked with one another’s ideas and concerns. . . .  I can say from this experience that Doise is already a first-rate teacher."

ENG 2300, Film Analysis, Spring 2008 (UF)

Overall Effectiveness: 4.5/5

Sample Student Comment: "Eric was an excellent instructor for this course. He really knew the subject and communicated the knowledge well. He graded papers carefully, giving writing advice when needed. He was always available for help and extra questions."

AML 2070, American Literature Survey: Postmodern American Lit (UF) 

Overall Effectiveness: 4.75/5

Sample Student Comment: "Eric made the class very interesting and fun too! He was a great teacher. I really liked [the course]. The texts were different than what I'm used to and interesting."

Faculty Evaluation by Sidney Wade: "Ten out of thirteen students weighed in on the subject at hand, a greater percentage of class participation than I think I've ever seen in an undergraduate class. . . . Eric led the class with easy authority and engaged his students in conversation by encouraging them to articulate their ideas and by responding to their initial conceptions to help flesh them out."

Peer Evaluation by Patrick McHenry: "The majority of the students actively participated in discussion and they displayed a strong engagement with the text. One of the many notable skills Eric demonstrates is the ability to facilitate conversation. There is a rigorous engagement with the text on his part that enables the students to join the conversation by the sheer amount of ideas proposed regarding the text. The discussion moves between critical close readings of motifs, specific language deployments, and theoretical considerations; all of this occurs without students displaying any signs that the discussion is difficult to follow."

ENC 1102, Rhetoric and Academic Research (UF)

Overall Effectiveness: 4.74/5

Sample Student Comment: "I am not a fan of English, but I actually enjoyed this class."